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Terms & conditions of service for AkumalTransfers

This agreement is between the Ground Transportation company 'Universo Cancun' (official business name for located in Cancun, Mexico, and THE CLIENT:
1. Reservations. THE CLIENT guarantees that all information regarding arrival time, destination and number of passengers provided to is correct and accurate.
2. If there are changes on the flight information, the dates, number of people or the name of place of destination, THE CLIENT must either telephone at +052 (984) 132 9958 or send an e-mail to in order to make the corrections. Additional charges apply if the destination is different from the original location or the number of passengers changes.
3. If there are two or more flights for the same transfer, THE CLIENT must indicate that information in the box of 'Comments' in the Service Request form. Please note that will track all of the flights arrival information, but will be alert and ready to contact the person(s) landing the latest. Also note that sometimes planes are delayed. For this reason, strongly recommends arranging transfers for each flight in order to minimize your waiting time at the airport.
4. The transfer is for the time specified and for the number of passengers stated. Due to other client commitments, it is not possible to wait for other passengers not specified in the reserved transfer service.
5. Once receives THE CLIENT's information and payment, will send a Confirmation Letter with instructions for arrival. This letter will be sent to THE CLIENT's e-mail address within 24 hours after receiving the payment.
6.ADDITIONAL CHARGES - For pick up hours between 8pm and 6am there are extra charges as follows: 15USD per vehicle. All rates listed on this website are valid considering maximum 2 pieces of luggage per person. Excessive luggage will be charged accordingly.
7. Cancellations. If THE CLIENT needs to cancel the service from, there will be a refund of 100% if the cancellation is requested 24hours before the arrival date. The refund IS NOT authomatically processed, but must be claimed by THE CLIENT. This refund will be sent within 15 days after the cancellation. If the cancellation is just for one segment of a round trip, a 25% refund can apply. Refunds will be made through PayPal. If THE CLIENT does not advise of any cancellation, no refund will apply.
8. Delays. If the flight number provided by THE CLIENT is delayed for any reason within the same day, will still provide the requested service.
9. Services DO NOT include tips for drivers, gratuities for baggers, stops for groceries or any other courtesy stops. If a courtesy stop is required, THE CLIENT must contact to get a quote.
10. Please contact by email with any other information specific to this transfer.
11. Agreement. agrees to provide transportation in time and service as specified in the information provided by THE CLIENT. receives the service from Universo Cancun which is an official ground transportation company with legal permission from Cancun Airport. Universo Cancun offers vehicles with all the permissions required by the laws of Mexico.


AkumalTransfers will offer refunds for the paid services in the following cases:

Refunds are accepted if the terms of the cancellation policy are met. Refunds are made through Paypal within 15 days of your refund request. You will be notified by email of the status of your request.
1. FULL REFUND - The booking is cancelled at least 24 HOURS prior to the arrival date and a refund is requested immediately after the cancellation.
2. 100% penalty fee will apply for no shows.
3. In case of a round trip, if only one segment of the trip is cancelled, the client is entitled to a 25% refund. Such refund can be requested up to 15 days from the moment of the partial cancellation.
4. All refunds are processed via Paypal in a 15 days interval.